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Trip Guidelines

TACK schedules transportation according to guidelines established by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) for Human Services Transportation Delivery (HSTD) and in accordance with TACK local regulations and guidelines.

TACK schedules based upon the time desired by the rider to arrive at their destination. TACK will schedule the rider pick-up time to be up to 45 minutes plus drive time before the requested drop off.

Example 1: A rider needs to be at an appointment at 10:30am, and their pick-up location is 10 minutes (estimated by TACK) from their destination. TACK will schedule the rider to be picked up between 9:35am and 10:20am (45 minutes plus 10 minutes before 10:30am).

Example 2: A rider wants to be in Louisville (one hour drive) at 2:00pm. TACK will schedule the rider to be picked up between 12:15pm and 1:00pm (45 minutes plus one hour drive time).

TACK will make a reasonable effort to make contact with a rider when making a pick-up. If the driver arrives before the pick-up window (in example 2, the pick-up window is 9:35am to 10:20am. This means that if the driver arrives before 9:35a, the driver must wait until at least 9:35am for the rider to board the TACK vehicle).

TACK is not required to wait beyond the earliest pick-up time if waiting will cause any other riders to be late. This includes riders waiting their turn to be picked up. This means that when the TACK driver arrives at 9:35 or later, they are NOT required to wait for the rider, and TACK will NOT send a different or later ride.

Riders who schedule a trip but are not ready during pick-up window will be left behind and WILL BE CHARGED for the trip.

TACK is a pre-paid public transportation program. Riders are expected to pay for their trip at the time of making a reservation. No trip reservations will be made without payment at the time of making the reservation.

If a rider calls at least two hours before their ride request time, they can cancel their trip and receive a credit for the full amount of the trip. No credits or refunds will be given for a rider who is not ready when the TACK driver arrives or who decides they no longer want to take their trip and fails to call at least two hours ahead to cancel the trip.

TACK operates on a shared ride system, meaning multiple riders may be on the vehicle at the same time. TACK will pick-up and drop off riders according to the most efficient route, not necessarily in the order that riders are picked up.

Example: Rider A is picked up, then Rider B, and then Rider C. Rider B might be dropped off before Rider A or Rider C based upon the most efficient route that gets all riders to their destination on time.

Riders may share a ride with other people that they do not know or do not personally like. Riders may also ride with a TACK driver that they do not know or like. If a rider refuses to ride, they will not be provided another vehicle.

TACK does not promise or guarantee a specific pick-up time. Riders who request a ride home from work will inform TACK of the time they will be out of work, and TACK may take up to one hour from that time to pick up the rider.

If TACK arrives and the rider is not at the designated pick-up location during the pick-up time window, TACK will not wait or attempt to find the rider. The rider will be left, and no further attempts to pick up the rider will be made.

Riders may be dropped off up to 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

Weather and traffic conditions are unpredictable, and at times, cause trips to arrive later than scheduled. TACK does not provide refunds or credits for trips that are late through no fault of TACK.