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Duties and responsibilities of an Operator:

  • Operators must be able to push and pull wheelchairs and assist our clients in and out of their homes, in and out of our vehicles, and in and out of doctors' offices.
  • An operator should be able to stand, sit, walk, bend, and squat throughout the day in a variety of weather conditions without undue hardship.
  • TACK has no set hours of operation. Work schedules are created per our clients' needs and destinations (to & from medical facilities, to & from the grocery store on specific senior days, to & from adult daycare centers and senior centers.) However, TACK is available to operate Monday thru Friday (5 AM-8 PM) and we do have some Saturday morning transportation requirements.
  • Operators are responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicles they drive. We provide door to door service for our clients.
  • Operators are responsible for daily paperwork (pre-trip inspection form, fuel and mileage log, time sheet, also daily Manifest (which supplies the Driver/ Operator information on pick up and drop off points for clients as well as pick up and drop off times.)
  • Operators are expected to communicate verbally with clients and dispatch personnel and in writing when there is a reportable incident. Integrity and a strong sense to serve are important components to the job.

Process For Employment

Please read carefully before filling out your application for employment

  • Application turned in with copy of current/valid KY driver's license
  • Backgrounds sent in for (State, Driving, National)
  • Backgrounds report sent back to TACK {the potential hire will get a copy mailed to them as well)
  • If the background reports come back good, the potential hire will be called to come in for an interview
  • If the interview goes well, the potential hire will be sent for a pre­employment drug screen and DOT physical at Baptist Health Occupational Medicine (formally WorkWell) in Elizabethtown; at the earliest time and date BH can get them in.
  • Once the pre-employment drug screen results are sent back to TACK, Human Resources will call you with a start date.
  • New hire will be required to do 2-5 days of ride a longs with a Driving Mentor to get a real live feel for the job and all it entails. (paid)
  • The following Monday the new hire will have orientation and start training. Training is about 3 weeks occasionally longer dependent on the new hire and scheduling. Training is a paid training.