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Fort Knox Services

Van Pool Services

As of August 2015, there are 14 vans that seat 13 people each that carry Fort Knox employees from various locations in Hardin and Meade Counties to Fort Knox.

To see about joining a Van Pool group or starting a new group you need to Contact Us.

Park and Ride Serivce

There are 12 seater buses that depart from Elizabethtown Christian Academy on Poplar Street at 3 times each work-day morning, taking passengers to their various employment locations on Fort Knox Base. The times are 5.40am, 6.10am, and 6.40am.

On their way to Fort Knox the buses stop to pick up passengers at the Kohls store on 31W and at Ollies store in Radcliff.

To use this service please Pauline (fortknox@tacktransit.org).

Fort Knox Pick Up/Departure Times

Departure Stop 1 Stop 2
Route 1: (AM) Elizabethtown- 5:45am Kohls- 5:55am Fort Knox- 6:30am
(PM) Fort Knox- 3:30pm Kohls- 3:50pm Elizabethtown- 4:05pm
Fort Knox- 4:00pm Kohls- 4:30pm Elizabethtown- 4:15pm
Route 2: (AM) Elizabethtown- 6:10am Kohls-6:20pm Fort Knox- 6:45am
(PM) Fort Knox- 4:30pm Kohls- 4:50pm Elizabethtown- 5:05pm
Route 3: (AM) Elizabethtown- 6:40am Kohls- 6:50am Fort Knox-7:15 am
(PM) Fort Knox- 5:00pm Kohls- 5:20pm Elizabethtown- 5:40pm

** Times are flexible within a 15-minute time frame according to how many passengers are on the bus.

Park and Ride Pickup Points

Elizabethtown: Etown Christian Academy, 401 W. Poplar St. Elizabethtown (Park far side of parking lot off of morning side St)

Kohls Department Store: 3100 N. Dixie, Elizabethtown (Parking Lot behind Cheddars)

Send REquest to fortknox+tacktransit+org

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