TACK serves the residents of Hardin and Meade Counties.



 Join us on this year's Walk on September 16th.


 Chuck Reed, the director of Kentucky Wounded Heroes, sent the following message to TACK regarding the TACK operators who drove the Wounded Heroes to Port Clinton, Ohio, on Lake Erie this year.
    Your men were super these last 5 days...Ernie, James, and Mike really
did a fantastic job for our Wounded men and women...we included them in
everything we did, and they made TACK stand out to everyone that was close
at hand.
  Joe, we could not have been as successful as this last 5 days were, with
out your help on this one...your 3 got up early, stayed up late, and made
deliveries of our men and women every time it was needed.
  We did suffer one of the guys with Sea Sickness, but our Doc treated him
and he was able to fish the next day. Also, afraid that everybody on this
trip gained at least 5lbs...
  Your boys brought home about 40lbs. total of fresh Walleye fillet...
  Once again thank you for what you do for our folks...I will check in with
you later...
                              C. Reed
Note: Joe is Joe Redmon, TACK's CEO

  See images from this years fishing trip
One of TACK's buses is now able to accommodate up to nine wheelchair bound passengers as well as two walk on accompanying passengers.
This will greatly enhance the service that TACK provides to the many nursing homes in Hardin and Meade Counties.
 Like the group that we see here, the passengers prefer to travel together rather than being split up in groups of four.
This is just another example of how TACK strives to constantly improve its service.

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TACK provides door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation to pre-approved Medicaid recipients and special needs clients. We understand how important it is we meet the everyday transportation needs of our clients such as grocery trips, educational programs, and other social services.

TACK does not offer emergency transportation services. TACK performs door to door public transportation services for the general public on a scheduled basis.



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Language Assistance provided at no cost.
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TACK’s Holiday Schedule
4th July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving,
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Saturdays and the Friday after Thanksgiving
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