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Rider Rules

  1. Respect others at all times. Do not abuse, threaten, or attack other passengers or the TACK driver. (Threatening or abusing other riders or TACK drivers will result in suspension of rider privileges, up to and including a permanent ban).
  2. A separate vehicle will NOT be provided because of conflict between riders.
  3. Riders cannot request a specific driver. Rides who refuse to ride with a TACK driver will not be given another driver or trip.
  4. No profane or vulgar language while onboard a TACK vehicle.
  5. Do not urinate, defecate, or release other bodily fluids on TACK vehicles.
  6. Remain seated and keep your seatbelt on at all times while the vehicle is moving. Keep all cargo secure while vehicle is moving (i.e. oxygen tanks, purses, walkers, etc.).
  7. Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed.
  8. Your music player is welcome on TACK vehicles; however, you must use headphones and the volume must be controlled so others cannot hear it.
  9. Do not board a TACK vehicle under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol.
  10. Do not engage in lewd or offensive conduct or indecent exposure.
  11. Please do not eat or drink on the vehicle.
  12. Provide a federally approved child safety seat for children riding with you less than 40 inches in height that meets Kentucky Child Restraint Laws and Regulations.
  13. Riders are responsible for placing and securing child restraint/safety seats. Failure to provide and properly place a safety device will result in denial of service (in other words, you will not be able to ride without a proper child car seat that you buckle in place).
  14. Clients may not ride on a three-wheel or scooter type mobility device while the TACK vehicle is in motion. These devices are allowed on board but the rider must move to a regular seat. PLEASE BE SURE TO TELL THE RESERVATIONIST IF YOU HAVE A WHEELCHAIR OR OTHER MOBILITY DEVICE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATION.
  15. TACK drivers have the right and responsibility to refuse transport for any mobility device deemed unsafe to the riders or the driver (i.e. wheelchairs with broken or missing pieces).
  16. Service animals (ADA permissible) must be kept under control and out of reach of other passengers or TACK drivers.
  17. Do not place anything on the floor which may become dangerous in a vehicular accident.
  18. Prohibited items include: guns, hazardous materials, explosives, and knives.
  19. All passengers must be fully clothed, with shoes and a shirt.