ATTENTION: Senior Citizens' Title III B Program Funding Support

1.  The Lincoln Trail Area Development District (LTADD) provides Title III B federal funding to assist senior citizen transportation in Hardin and Meade Counties.  TACK is contracted to provide those services supporting senior citizens throughout our service area.  Program funding is a finite resource; there is not enough money available to meet every desire of our area seniors or every intent of our non-profit service provider partners.

2.  After consultation with LTADD and Title III B proponents, the expenditure of program funding will be utilized according to the following prioritization:

    a. Trips to/from senior citizen centers in Meade & Hardin Counties to support their activities.  (Lunch)

    b. Trips to pick up commodities to be delivered to seniors. (One unit per)

    c. Trips to/from all medical visits with the following stipulations:

    (I)  TACK reserves the right to limit program trips to those conducted between the hours of 08:30 and 2:00 pm, daily.  If assets are available, we’ll support medical appointments outside those published hours.

    (II) TACK reserves the right to limit the total number of medical trips for each individual recipient to three per month. (With an exception given to urgent care patients.)

3.  All trips performed under the Title III B program are open to eligible persons within our service area (Hardin & Meade Counties).
4. If seniors would like to donate toward extending this program, TACK will accept this donation and give you a receipt.  Thank you.  All funds will be used to support this program and expand it to serve more seniors within our community.

5.  Trips to/from Walmart and other grocery stores are no longer eligible for Title III B funds effective 1 January 2016.  

6.  TACK would normally charge the patrons $1.25 per mile ($7.50 minimum) for public transportation, door to door.  However, TACK wants to extend our support to our area seniors with a special senior citizen rate ($5 round trip) to ensure our seniors have more opportunities to get out of their homes and into our community.  TACK will provide transportation for seniors from 08:30 – 2:00 pm on the days listed below to perform errands.  You can go to the bank, Walmart, a hair dresser, etc.  Your cost will be $5 per additional stop – and you will be returned home by 2:00 pm.  Please ensure you call the day prior and make an appointment.  You will need to share your transportation with other seniors.

    a. Radcliff residents – Wednesday and Friday to/from any Radcliff destination between 08:30-2:00 pm.  

    b. Elizabethtown residents – Tuesday and Thursday to/from any E-Town destination between 08:30-2:00 pm.  This will include most other Hardin County residents living in unincorporated areas.

    c. Meade County residents – Tuesday and Friday to/from any local (Meade County) destination between 08:30-2:00 pm.

7.  All other transportation services provided to area seniors will be performed at the already-established public fare.  Please contact TACK for more information on specific costs for those services.

Joseph Redmon
Executive Director
Transit Authority of Central Kentucky

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